physical clutter = mental clutter

burlap live simplyLive simply…what does that mean? Well to us, simple living means getting back to the basics. Clearing out the clutter and clearing the mind. Clutter does not just have to be the junk that is taking up space. Clutter can be anything that takes your focus off living well, living beautifully and living more carefree. Yes, in our opinion, less is best. Simple is more. Knowing what’s in your drawers and closets. Clearing all that may be lurking under your bed. Restoring and repurposing; consigning clothes or giving them away to someone in need; buying fresh and local food to feed your family and knowing what is going into your body. Eliminating the “junk” in all aspects of your life…in a nutshell.

Overwhelmed yet? We’ll help you get there, promise! Baby steps. There really is a reason to our madness.

Just look around. In today’s world kids, and adults alike, are expecting the next best thing. Never satisfied. From phones to clothes, to high expectations for family outings and trips, it’s no wonder we live in constant stress and from paycheck to paycheck. Filling our closets, drawers and ultimately storage bins (and our minds!) with more, more, more and better, better, better. What message are we sending to the next generation? And how does all the clutter you are growing and the constant stress of never being satisfied affect those you care about?

Step back and take a breather. Then take inventory of what you are having to manage. What can you eliminate to give you more control? Whether it is downsizing your wardrobe, cleaning out your kitchen, attic and garage to cutting out cable, what can you do to make your life and the life of those around you easier, less stressful and more simple?

Interested? Just let the thought resonate in your mind for a day or two. We’ll be back to get you started in a couple of days. You’ll be glad, you’ll experience great joy, euphoria and peace. Not to mention, the environment will thank you.


Liz & Kari

(above wall art via fiber and water etsy shop)


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