the “what if?” question

With every client, we run into the “what if” question. Whether we are talking about furniture, clothes, kitchen items, or other accessories for the home or person, there is always the “what if I need it for …?” question. Answer your question with the following questions and begin to eliminate “what if” from your simplifying vocabulary.

1. Is is functional and useful for me or my family on a regular basis?
2. Do you love it and does it celebrate me or more family?
3. Is it duplicate or do I have something else that could serve the same purpose?
4. If the opportunity presented itself, would I spend money on the item again?

If you answered no to questions 1, 2 and 4 it needs to be donated or sold. It’s as simple as that. If you answered yes to question 3, it can go or be repurposed (if you love it). For instance, if you have a tray you love that you keep in your kitchen but never use, can you use that tray in another room? Perhaps on a coffee table, or in your bathroom to coral items on your counter.

When you simplify and pair down to only what you love and need, you will find that those items that you love can wear several hats. For example, do not keep one platter that you do not like very much simply because you have always used it to serve asparagus on. Use another plate, platter or bowl that you love instead. Be creative with the items that you love and use them often. It will make you feel good!


Liz & Kari


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