Life in a Little House – 1300 square feet! How did you do it?

IMG_5647“How did you do it?” This was everyone’s response. So why make such a drastic change? For years I think we felt a bit like hamsters on a wheel. Pay the bills, spend hours to keep up with the yard and house, clean, clean some more, round and round, again and again. For those who know us well, we love to travel. This is our passion, and our way to connect with the world and our family. So over time, and when really digging deep into what is important to our family, we realized bigger is not always better. Spending hours and a large chunk of money just keeping up with our house and our stuff was not where we wanted to devote our time, energy or money. It was time for a change. So how did we do it? We had to figure out how to put stuff that filled 2400 square feet into 1300 square feet. Yikes! Even for someone whose job it is to help people edit their possessions it was a challenge. Liz and I have created a series of KEY questions over the past several years to help people surround themselves with what they love, use and treasure. Our family utilized this tool to go through and decide what to take and what to leave behind. I realized when it was all said and done that everything we took with us had value and enriched our family in some way. We let go of all the “what if” stuff and focused on the what “we love and need stuff”. The KEY questions:

1. Is it functional and useful for our family on a regular basis?
2. Do I love it and does it celebrate me or my family?
3. Is it a duplicate or do I have something else that could serve the same purpose?
4. If the opportunity presented itself, would I spend money on the item again?
The above questions acted as our launch pad. As we packed up and moved items to our new house we asked ourselves the above. Then we were able to see with clarity what we really wanted and needed and let the rest go… Stay tuned for the scoop on how to deal with the leftovers.
(above boxes found at Out of Hand)

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