Life in a “Little House” – Sharing Space


Even before we moved our boys shared a bedroom and all three kids (1 girl, 2 boys) shared a bath. Nothing has changed in that department since moving into our “little house” except there is no guest bath. This requires them to not only share but be neat and tidy in case an impromptu guest shows up. Until recently, I did not think about the value of learning to “share space” but the topic has come up frequently over the past few months. With a child, too quickly, approaching college age I have several friends whose children have already made the jump. They have moved away, to the dorm or off campus housing, and started college. Several people have mentioned that their child’s biggest adjustment is learning to share space. They have been fortunate to have had their own room and bath their whole childhood and then in a flash they are sharing everything with several other people. It certainly is a blessing to have had their own room but there are also positives to sharing space. Without a doubt one learns to be flexible, adaptable, and understand how to share time and space. These are valuable qualities as a child enters college or an adult enters a marriage. Siblings who share space are also inevitably close and create many memories over the years which they will eventually treasure. So if your family is expanding and you think you need to move just to provide everyone with their own space, take pause and know that making it work is not a bad thing if that is the path you choose…



(Image: Munger Interiors via P is for Party)


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