It’s Market Season, Time to Cleanse the Pantry!

One of the best things about the arrival of spring are the local fruits and vegetables. Farmer’s Markets across the country are in full swing! It is the perfect time to enjoy the simplicity of farm to table cuisine and put away the canned and packaged foods that seem to be prevelant during the colder months. As we start on a more day-to-day approach to shopping, picking up fresh items at the market for dinner, we first must clear out the pantry. Yes it can be a daunting task, but necessary.

Here is the process for a Seasonal Pantry Cleanse.

  1. Pull out any stale or expired food (compost if possible).
  2. Box up items you will not eat during the summer months (especially food that will expire before next season) and donate to the local food bank.
  3. Wipe down cabinet doors and shelves.
  4. Wipe off bottles of oils, vinegars, and honey jars.
  5. Sort. Placing like items together. Most used items at eye level.
  6. Keep jars handy to place bulk foods purchased at the market in.

Once you are done grab your basket and head to the market! Whether you live in the city, country or suburbs chances are there are several farmers markets in your area. Local Harvest is a great resource to learn more about markets near your home or wherever you may travel. Happy Market Season!

Charleston Folks –

The Charleston Farmer’s Market in Marion Square kicks off this weekend!
8 am – 2 pm.

Food Banks-

Lowcountry Food Bank
2864 Azalea Dr.
Charleston, SC  29405
(843) 747-8146

East Cooper Community Outreach
145 Six Mile Road
Mt Pleasant, South Carolina
(843) 849-9220


Liz and Kari


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