Selling Your House? Write a Letter!

handwritten letters

If you are at the point of putting the For Sale sign in your yard, here is a great tip that really works! Write your future home buyer a letter. Make copies and leave them on your kitchen counter. If they are working with a realtor, they have the MLS information that includes the details of your home, the schools zoned,  if there are Home Owner Association dues and what not. What the potential buyer does not have are the intimate details regarding your home – what has made this house a home for you. Maybe it goes something like this:

Thank you for coming to look at our home!

 The memories and friendships we have created in (neighborhood name) will last a life time! From holiday parades and picnics in the neighborhood park, to the scrambled suppers, bunco and book clubs, this neighborhood has something to offer everyone. Every age is represented here, from the newborn to the retiree, making our community fun, diverse and wonderful!

Our children have been able to step out of our front door and have a playmate on most any given day. They can walk to the park, go fishing in the pond, play four-square in the driveway and “manhunt” in the evenings. Now that they are old enough, they can ride their bikes to our phenomenal elementary school and to the neighborhood pool for swim team practice in the summer. 

Our house has been our home for (#) fabulous years. We hope as you walk through the rooms that you can picture your family gathering for dinner in the cozy dining room, cookouts with friends on the back porch, the laughter of children enjoying birthday parties in the backyard and warm summer nights sitting on the front porch swing.

There’s a quote that says “Don’t buy the house, buy the neighborhood”. We wanted you to know how wonderful this neighborhood is so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.


The (last name) family

Let us know if it works for you!


Liz & Kari

(Pic from Pinterest)

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