Kari Kim is a multi-faceted mother of three. This nurse by trade is also a certified yoga instructor (at Gaea Yoga Center) and loves the balance yoga has brought to her and her family. In 2007 Kari started Sacred Spaces, an organizing business that takes a holistic approach to organizing through clearing clutter and creating an earth friendly environment. In 2013, she partnered with Liz to form a simple nest. Together they are helping individuals and families reduce, refresh and organize to discover a more simplistic space. Born and raised in New York, she has lived in Charleston, SC for 24 years where she resides with her husband, three children, and Cleo (the family dog).

Liz Ryan, mother of three, breast cancer survivor and mortgage loan officer for The Bank of South Carolina. She has been organizing and changing things up for those around her for as long as she can remember and was thrilled to join forces with Kari in a simple nestWhen she and Kari are not helping clients simplify their homes, she’s helping other clients fulfill their dream of buying a new home or refinancing their current home to reduce payments and simplify life. Liz was born in Georgia and raised in Greensboro, NC. She and her family have lived in Mount Pleasant, SC for over 14 years along with their rescue dog Bear and rescue cat LJ.

(photos by Mitt Haney)